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POLS 4227

Security Studies

Presentation Requirements


  1. Every participant of the course has to decide on a topic he/she would like to choose for the presentation. Depending on the number of participants one topic may be chosen and prepared by more than one participant (2-3).
  2. Presentations will cover a particular case selected by participants themselves that is pertinent to the topic discussed during the lecture.
  3. Presentations should not exceed 25 min – if longer a penalty of –5% will be applied.
  4. Participants are not supposed to hand in any written form of their presentations.
  5. Each case presentation should contain:
  • Brief historical background of the case – lack of thereof: – 5%
  • Description of the course of events – lack of thereof: – 5%
  • Latest developments if any;
  • Opinions of experts renowned in the field (professionals: academics, fellow researches, renowned experts, only well established journalists. No politicians!!!) – lack of thereof: – 5%
    1. Main stream analysis/opinions as well as at least one ‘alternative’ point of view;
    2. Background (e.g. left, radical, liberal etc.) of experts and organizations referred to in the presentation;
  • A list of three critical-thinking questions to feed the discussion following the presentation – lack of thereof: – 5%


  1. Every participant will be asked to provide a one-page summary of their presentation containing main points and ‘critical thinking questions’, as well as a bibliography of sources.
  2. Maximum grade for case presentation is 30% of the final grade.