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Krzysztof Sliwinski, PhD

Associate Professor

Department of Government

and International Studies

Hong Kong Baptist University



I have been a university teacher since October 2001, first as Ph.D. candidate, then as a lecturer, assistant professor and finally as associate professor. Over the years I have taught a number of courses within the fields of international relations and political science such as: Polish Foreign Policy, British Foreign Policy, Theories of International Trade Relations, International Trade Relations, Economic Integration in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Since joining HKBU in 2008 I have taught: European Union Security Issues and Foreign Relations, Comparative Politics of Post-Communist Central and Eastern Europe, Foundations of Political Science, Foundations of International Relations, Current Issues of European Integration, Security Studies, Model European Union and Concepts, Theories and Institutions of Global Society. I have also been coordinating Asia-Pacific Model European Union since 2015.

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I take scholarly work very seriously always aiming at meeting excellent level. I take part in international conferences at least twice a year and try to produce a minimum of two academic papers every year and publish them in top journals. All my papers are published in English and in most cases I am the only author.

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I find teaching one of the most important activities humans could arguably engage in. Teaching understood as transfer of knowledge from teacher to students constitutes only a part of this. Equally important is the inter-subjective learning that takes place during the process of teaching, which essentially allows students as well as teachers to benefit in their own ways.

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Consultation hours:

Wednesday and Friday

from 13:30 to 16:30

AAB 1111, 11/F, HKBU

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