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Hong Kong is a fantastic place to live. It offers great opportunities for academics and other professions. It is a bustling, multicultural and cosmopolitan place where many various cultures and races live next to each other. Hong Kong has unique geographical features – beautiful coastline, beaches, bays and scenic mountains.

It was 2003 when I came to Hong Kong for the first time (while traveling around Asia). I was surprised by its diversity and beauty. I liked it from the very beginning. After the first visit I kept coming back almost every year. I relocated in 2008 when I started to work for Hong Kong Baptist University.

Thanks to my work I have numerous contacts with local academics and students. I appreciate these contacts as they enable better understanding of the local culture and enrich my life beyond European reference.


I’ve been travelling for the last 23 years and managed to visit most Asian countries. Asia is an amazing place for a European. It offers an incredible variety of cultures and endless impressions and emotions. I enjoyed every single place, even though traveling in some remote places was not easy. I always liked meeting people and talking to them, trying to comprehend their approach to life and values they subscribe to.


Photography is a big passion of mine. There is something magical about photography as it makes it possible to ‘keep’ a moment ‘for ever’.  As such it almost allows us to transcend the inevitable passing of time.

I started taking pictures as a natural way to document traveling. It developed into a strong interest after a while, which brought a desire to master the basics of composition and technical aspects of photo-taking. As a result I studied photography for two years at Polish Union of Art Photographers. Together with my wife, who took the same course, we share our pictures at our website: www.acoupleofpictures.com


Music is a very important part of my life. There is not a single day that I don’t listen to music. Listening is enjoyable while playing and composing is like communicating in another realm.

More here: www.acoupleofpictures.com

Kite surfing

Kite surfing is a considerably new passion of mine. Apart from being a great hobby during summer holidays it offers much more. It is to me as deep as meditation for two reasons: firstly, it requires maximum concentration on one thing only, which calms down the mind. Secondly, just as sailing, it is necessary to ‘tune in’ with the forces of nature which, when done properly, gives a wonderful feeling of harmony.

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